Lochore Meadows

For a day trip fit for all the family, Lochore Meadows is the perfect place…

Only a 20-minute drive from our front door, Lochore Meadows Country Park is a scenic spot with loads to do. There’s the loch, 1,200 acres of land to roam around on, and a whole heap of activities too. Lochore Meadoes

Fancy golfing, sailing, fishing or cycling? Maybe some watersports? It’s all there. Whether you’d like to catch some brown trout or have an adventure in the massive kids’ Loch Oreplaypark you can spend a good long day in one of the most beautiful parks in Fife.

If you fancy exploring the area, why not try one of the walking routes, there are a range of tracks between one and just over three miles. There are four routes to choose from. Why not take the track around the loch, or if you’ve got little ones with you take the shorter route that’s steeped in the mystery and history of the area.

The huge kids’ playpark even has an area with exercise equipment so you can keep yourself busy while the little ones wear themselves out. Or you can always station yourself on the beach and kick back in the sunshine (just keep an eye out for the swans, they’ve been known to be a tad… overfriendly).

Parking is free, and there’s a café there too. But if it’s a nice day you’re more than welcome to bring along a picnic or some food for the barbeque!